109 rue Henri Maubel
1190 BRUSSELS - Belgium

Research, Training & Capacity-building

We have an extensive professional and academic experience in research methodology, as well as in coaching and training.

We have conducted several reviews and overviews of national legislations and economic sectors, delivered focused comparative studies, and performed coaching and training sessions for various clients, including:

  • the European Commission
  • the Council of Europe
  • OIF (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie)
  • OSCE Freedom of Media
  • AKOS, the Slovenian Telecom and Media regulator
  • AEM, the Croatian Media regulator
  • OFCOM/BAKOM, the Swiss federal Telecom and Media regulator
  • ECES, the European Center for Electoral Support.

We are very experienced in giving conferences and keynote addresses or in delivering trainings to diverse audiences (academics, industries, regulators, ministries…). We have within our team the authors of numerous articles of doctrine on media regulation. We have chaired numerous professional round-tables, are frequent public speakers, and have recognized pedagogical skills.

In the fields of democratic transition, media policy and regulation, and press freedom, we have devised and conducted missions of expertise, training, capacity-building in partnership with various international organisations in Africa and Europe.