Pilot-project on hate speech in audiovisual media

With the support of the Francophonie (OIF), a pilot-project on hate speech in audiovisual media has been launched in Tunis on May 25.

This pilot project will be coordinated by Wagner-Hatfield and will unite three African media regulatory authorities : the HAICA of Tunisia, the HACA of Morocco and the HACA of Ivory Coast.

The main objectives of the pilot project are to:

  • share between the 3 authorities the results of two waves of monitoring of a selection of their respective media (made on the basis of a common methodology);
  • share between the 3 authorities the results of their analysis of hate speech that has been identified during these monitoring ;
  • catalogue the international and national (at the level of the 29 members of the REFRAM) legal framework and relevant case law;
  • produce a guide of good practices for the promotion of a culture of tolerance by media and regulators members of the REFRAM;
  • set-up a digital library on hate speech to be shared between members of the REFRAM.

The project will last 15 months. The final report of the project will be presented in autumn 2017 by the three regulators to the next plenary session of the REFRAM (Réseau francophone des régulateurs des medias – REFRAM), which is sponsored by the OIF along with 15 other institutional networks (Constitutional Courts, High Administrative Courts, Human Rights Commissions …).